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Who We Are


Jessica Soderman

Founder, Owner, & Manager

Jessica naturally dreams big. Taking time to make your life be everything you want is time well spent. She loves to learn more about herself and others. Understanding each others stories helps us all connect on deeper levels.


She has been married to Jordan Soderman for 15 years and has followed his career across the US for the military. They have 2 sons together, Hunter- 13 and Caleb- 10.


She has worked in retail management since she was 18. Being able to lead, inspire, and help others grow is what runs deep through her veins. Taking time to build a team that has trust, collaboration, and connection is imparitive to having a successful store. In her many experiences managing different size stores with different teams, one thing is always consistent, keep joy in the journey. Love what you do and the people around you will be touched by the work you do.


Jessica is a creative person. As she walks through any room she will take in all the details or think of what she would do to elevate it even more. You will often find her smiling, doing a silly dance, or creating something. Her faith is what drives her and keeps her going. Every step of making The Hub happen, has been by the grace and guidance of God.


Her dream for The Hub is too have it be a place where you feel seen, welcomed, and inspired. The world can be a bit overwhelming and she wants to offer a place where you can come to find some peace and connect with other people who will fill your cup, along with some pretty fantastic products to make your space shine or for a meaningful gift.

    Linda Gilbertson

    Assistant Manager

    She believes creating beautiful spaces that people want to come to, stay in, and retrun to, requires a healthy dose of hospitality, careful attention to the small details, and a deep love for serving people. She believes The Hub will be just that.

    She would describe herself as a someone who appreciates and is drawn to creative processes, a dreamer, and a problem solver. She is more outdoorsy, then indoorsy. She enjoys a good meal, live music, and exploring new places in good company. She takes screenshots of things she likes thinking she will go back and look at later, but never does. She doesn't really watch TV shows, because she always gets sucked into documentaries of all kinds. She loves to learn about people and their stories. 

    Currently one of her favorite things to do in her spare time is go thrifting with her two teenage daughters. 

    She is also a native Swede and she burns candles like they are going out of style. 

    "I am incredibly grateful to come alongside Jessica on this journey and I can't wait to watch this story unfold! God is Good, so Good!"


      Barb McCallum

      Key Holder

      Barb is married and a proud mother of 3 girls ~ one being the founder & owner of The Hub. She enjoys meeting new people and is excited to watch this journey unfold. In her spare time she likes to spend time with family, go for walks, and read.

      Barb is a mastermind in the kitchen. She can make the most delicous desserts! She always goes above and beyond for those in her life.


        Kahla Hempeck

        Key Holder

        Bio coming soon


          Sheila German

          Key Holder

          Bio coming soon


            Emma Samudio


            Bio coming soon


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